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Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services

If you are a creative business owner or blogger and want to drive targeted traffic back into your business and build a strategy that can be done on autopilot, you need to be using Pinterest.

But Pinterest takes time.

Like a lot of time.

You don’t have that time to waste! Your expertise is in serving your audience with really amazing blog posts, free and paid content and that’s what you should be focusing on, not trying to figure out the latest Pinterest algorithm.

Hey, my name is Emily Syring and I am a full-time blogger and entrepreneur at The Creative Girl Boss Tribe & She’s Living Her Best Life. I am also an author and a mindset and manifestation coach.

After blogging for more than four years in different niches and stumbling my way through running a blog, marketing, being the CEO, creating content, and all the things I realized my passion for Pinterest marketing. Seriously, I love it!

And I knew I could help take some of the load of other creative bloggers and entrepreneurs shoulders with my experience and love for Pinterest.


I have used Pinterest for multiple blogs over the past four years and I love helping other bloggers and entrepreneurs reach their goals in the quickest amount of time possible. I also know the ins and outs of blogging and understand how much goes into each and every post.


I have grown my own personal Pinterest profile to 1.6 million views in less than a year and I did it with a solid strategy and pins that people want to share and click on!

Think of your pins as a door. Are you going to open the door that’s plain, brown, confusing or messy or are you going to open the door with the big flashing sign that says HERE’S YOUR SOLUTION with shiny twinkle lights all around it?

Your pin is the gateway to your blog and business.

That’s why it’s so important to be creating pins that your audience wants and needs.

Why Pinterest is so Important for Creative Bloggers and Entrepreneurs: 

There are 250 million users on Pinterest each and every single month which means, your dream clients are in there just waiting to find you and work with you! Not only that but Pinterest is a search engine, which means it uses keywords to help decide which pins to show and which not to show to a particular audience.

The half-life of a pin is 3.5 months. That’s not a typo…3.5 months is just the half-life of a pin! This means your audience can find you well after your pins have exploded on Pinterest and will continue to find you for years to come.


If you’re ready to:

  • Put your time back into creating amazing content for your audience
  • Get back to doing what you love which is being creative
  • Boost your traffic and income
  • Grow your business with targeted traffic

I’m your girl!

Let Me Help You

  • Create branded pins that get clicks and drive traffic
  • Land new leads and build a tribe of raving fans
  • Give you your time back to do the things that really matter to you


Packages Start at $5/pin




My Pin Design Portfolio:



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To get started fill in the form below and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours. If you email me on the weekend, I will get back to you on Monday. I take a very limited number of clients a month – if you’re interested in any of my services please email me as soon as possible before spots fill up.


Please include:

  • how many pins you want made
  • your brand colors
  • the article names (for the text overlay)
  • any design ideas you like
  • logo if you have one/blog or business name






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