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What is Evergreen Content and why do you need it?

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Are you using evergreen content in your blogging strategy?

Evergreen content is content that technically has no expiration date.

It doesn’t rely on a specific time of year to be relevant and it’s information that will be relevant over a long period of time.

So basically, evergreen content is content that lives on forever…forever…forever *cue “squints” from the Sandlot.*

Evergreen content can pretty much be anything from a “how to”, a “checklist”, a resource guide.

Anything that lasts longer than just a trend or a fad.

Of course, as we know, the internet changes quickly and even evergreen content will have to be updated once in a while to keep its relevancy.

It may seem more daunting and like a bit more work to write content that is supposed to stand the test of time but if you are not creating evergreen content, you are truly missing out!

Four Ways Evergreen Content can actually Boost your Online Business & Blog

1. Evergreen Content Helps Drive Consistent Traffic 

While it may be fun and exciting to write about a trending topic and you may even notice an increase in traffic from that post, that traffic boost is fleeting because what’s trending changes every five minutes on the internet.

So, what people are searching for changes very quickly.

This means, if you only have trendy or holiday inspired posts and content that only pertain to certain seasons, once that season is over, most people will stop searching for those terms and those posts won’t be found.

Granted you will probably keep some of that traffic from the big boost if you have quality blog posts already on your site.

This is where evergreen content really picks up the slack.

Creating evergreen content to fill in those gaps between big holidays or trending events will help you keep your traffic consistent and will give your traffic someone else to go once they come to your blog.

Of course, you always want to keep an eye on what people are actually searching for to make sure your posts are being found on search engines.

Helpful Resources: Check out this free SEO Bootcamp for an in-depth look at how to keyword your posts for Google and get found all year round.

2. You build a Rapport with your Audience.

Evergreen content allows you to continually serve your audience throughout the year.

You will be giving them high-quality content that gives them immense value which in turn, builds a know, like and trust factor between you and your audience.

This is extremely important if you plan on selling anything online to your audience.

Evergreen content also helps you establish yourself as an expert in something specific.

Maybe that’s living on a tight budget or eating a sustainable vegan diet.

Your audience will begin to know you for those particular topics and will search for your specific content.

3. Your content is more likely to go viral.

If your dream of going viral is keeping you up at night you may want to start thinking of adding evergreen content into your strategy.

This is especially true if you are using Pinterest to market your content because Pinterest posts have a much longer shelf life than social media.

On Pinterest, it can take up to two months to gain significant traffic but when it does, it doesn’t stop!

This means that your content will get more shares overall because it isn’t linked to a specific date or time of year.

More people will find your valuable content meaning more people will share it throughout the year.

And you won’t get buried by everyone else writing about the exact same thing.


4. Improved SEO


When we hear something so often it tends to go in one ear and out the other, but dang, if you are not writing content with SEO in mind, you’ve got to get on that!

SEO is search engine optimization. This is how people find you because, without it, you’ll just be lost in the deep ocean that is the world wide web.

Evergreen content is just another way to help boost your SEO.

Google is looking for the most relevant and valuable content that pertains to a certain search.

When you have content that lasts for longer than a few days or weeks, Google is more likely to show that content.

This will lead to more eyes on your posts, more shares and more income in the long run.

This will of course also boost the know, like and trust factor with your audience when they see your name pop up for answers they are searching for.

Of course, writing content that is trending or content that is considered seasonal is still really fun and very enjoyable for your audience as well.

You don’t have to write every single piece of content as evergreen, but make sure you sprinkle in content that will live on here and there throughout your blog and social media.

What’s your opinion?

Do you write evergreen content?

Or do you stick to trendy and seasonal content?

Tell me below and don’t forget to spread the love and share with a friend!



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  1. I think I generally tend towards evergreen content, I just didn’t know that’s what it was. But I am barely getting started. Right now I feel like I’m the one lost out in the ocean of the world wide web! Thanks for the information about Pinterest doing better with evergreen content. I am going to aim at that goal and see if it can help me get a little better rankings.

    1. Emily says:

      I completely understand. All of this information can be a bit overwhelming when you first begin but just remember to focus on one goal at a time! If traffic is your goal, focus on ONE traffic source where your audience is most present. If writing blog posts is your goal, write away! Just one step at a time. Yes, evergreen content is perfect for Pinterest because the life of a blog post on Pinterest is so much longer than any other social media so people can find your blog posts long after you’ve pinned them to Pinterest!

  2. What a great read – thank you for sharing

    1. Emily says:

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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