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Tailwind for Instagram 2020 Updates

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Instagram is filled with massive opportunities to grow your audience, build your brand, and showcase your best products.

But there’s so much to do.

Between IGTV, posts on the feed, Instagram Stories, and everything else that comes with running an online business and blog it can get overwhelming and time-consuming.

Not to mention, what do you even post??

And when??

If you’re sick of running yourself ragged trying to be everywhere at once listen up.

Tailwind for Instagram is new and improved and has so many juicy features that will help you save time, save money, and a whole lot of headaches.

And let’s just face it.

Tailwind for Instagram is a match made in heaven.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you if you choose to click through my link and make a purchase. 


If you have not tested out Tailwind for Instagram yet and want to get your first 30 scheduled posts for free, click here.

Tailwind for Instagram Dashboard 

The Tailwind for Instagram dashboard allows you to seamlessly:

  • Schedule your posts in advanced
  • Add hashtags and add them to the first comment
  • Automatically post your images to the Instagram feed
  • Write captions
  • And so much more



You can even cross-post to Facebook and/or Pinterest saving you even more time!

Another feature is to add your hashtags to the first comment on your Instagram post with one click of a button.


Tailwind for Instagram is truly a one-stop-shop and allows you to easily create an Instagram feed that perfectly fits your brand, helps you stay consistent with automated posting, and even helps you plan on the go with the Tailwind app.

Tailwind for Instagram also offers the Smart.Bio and the Hashtag Finder.

But before we get into those I want to share with you the brand new features Tailwind for Instagram has to offer.

Tailwind for Instagram: What’s New in 2020

Content Plans

Tailwind allows you to set up a customized content plan to help boost inspiration and give you ideas on exactly what to post according to your brand.


You then can choose between the content plan Tailwind provides or completely customize your own by using different types of posts such as:

  • Inspire/inspirational posts that help you build a deeper connection with your audience with quotes and motivational content
  • Connect posts that help you grow your following and build an even bigger community
  • Education posts help to establish yourself as an expert and the go-to in your field and to help teach your audience something new



Once you’ve chosen your content plan, Tailwind gives you caption templates for each type of post as well as inspiration on what types of images to post with your captions.

So you never run out of ideas and can stay consistent while still saving yourself hours searching for exactly what to post!


You can even add notes for your posts and use the prompts to help you when if you’re stuck in writer’s block.


See your Grid Before You Post with Visual Planning

Instead of writing down your posts in your phone or a spreadsheet, you can use Tailwind for Instagram which features a visually planning grid so that you can see exactly what your posts will look like next to each other.

All the posts are drag and drop as well making it even easier to change around your schedule any time you want.


With Tailwind for Instagram’s dashboard, you also have the ability to change your weekly posting schedule and you have access to the hashtag finder which helps find the best hashtags for your posts to drive traffic and build an audience with ease.

Tailwind’s SmartSchedule will help you find the best times to post on Instagram so you never have to guess.

The Smart.Bio allows you to seamlessly drive your hard-earned traffic from Instagram to anywhere on the internet.

Such as your email list, your blog/website, your other social media profiles, and even to any direct products you want to showcase.

I've written an entire post on how to use Tailwind's Smart.Bio to drive traffic which you can read here.


Find Stock Photos Inside the Tailwind for Instagram Dashboard

There's nothing worse than having a million and one tabs open while trying to write a blog post, schedule it on social media, search for the right pictures, and order take out all at the same time.

Tailwind has got you covered with their Unsplash Integration so that you don't even have to leave the dashboard at all.

Search for the perfect free stock image, upload it to your drafts, write your caption, add your hashtags and schedule it so that you can set it and forget it.

Tailwind for Instagram makes life so much easier with an immense library of tools to fit any and all of your needs.

Here are a few other features Tailwind for Instagram offers:

  • Profile Analytics
  • Schedule videos and stories
  • Batch scheduling
  • Tag users and locations
  • Photo cropping
  • and so much more!

Tailwind is also 100% safe for you to use and is an approved partner with both Instagram and Pinterest.

Tailwind for Instagram is a One-Stop-Shop

Tailwind for Instagram offers tons of tools to help you save time, build an audience, engage with the audience you have, and create high-quality social media posts that stand the test of time.

If you want to try out Tailwind for Instagram for yourself for free, you can get your first 30 posts for free by with this link.


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