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Should you have an Email Marketing Strategy?

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With Facebook groups, Instagram pods and Twitter tweeting, are people still checking their emails?

Do we still need to focus on building out lists or is our time better spent on building relationships within social media?

So the question remains, should you have an email marketing strategy or nah?

Long story short, yes, you should and I hope to convince you just how alive email marketing actually is!

Is email marketing dead?

Email marketing is the backbone of your business.

It is technically the one thing you have almost full control over.

You can easily download your email list and move from one provider to another without issue.

You can be inside your lists inbox weekly when social media algorithms fail you.

Look, you get it.

Email lists are IMPORTANT and no matter how many connections you make on social media, you will always need an email list.

The question then becomes, are people still checking their emails and is the relationship still being built within email?

Let me ask you this, are you more likely to share your social media handle with people than you are your email?

Think about it, we guard our emails because we only want select people emailing us.

It immediately feels more intimate to receive an email than to have someone slide into our DMs.

People that join an email list want to build a relationship with you and you alone.

They want value targeted to them and their interests and they are also more likely to become loyal customers when you provide them with that extraordinary value.

We know how “noisy” social media can be.

People are always fighting for your attention and it can be quite frustrating and confusing.

You’re being pulled left, right, upside down and right side up.

It’s almost a relief to get an email from your favorite blogger or entrepreneur that feels tailored to you directly into your inbox.

That’s all great and fantastic but, the whole point of your business is to benefit your audience and provide them with the answers and value they are looking for.

How can email marketing benefit your audience?

1. Sending emails gives your audience a much more tailored experience

With email marketing software you can put different people into different groups and send them whatever it is they are the most interested in depending on the lead magnet they signed up for.

This allows you to give your audience exactly what they are looking for without all the fluff and without them having to search for it.

2. There are fewer distractions for your audience

If you give your audience too many options, they will leave because it’s either too confusing or overwhelming.

The same rings true for your email list.

Because you are sending an email directly to a single person, you aren’t fighting for their attention which also ensures your audience actually gets something out of your emails.

They aren’t distracted by ads, social media posts, pictures.

They are just your emails and your emails alone.

3. Your audience values their time and wants answers quickly

Each and every email you send to your audience provides a purpose.

You are answering a common question, giving a free training, providing value and giving it directly to your audience.

There is no searching for answers or spending hours scrolling, the answer is presented to your audience in an email.

There is nothing better than that!

How does email marketing benefit you as an online business owner? 

1. Email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment

For every $1 spent on email marketing, there is a return of $44.25.

That sounds pretty good to me!

Besides making money though, you’ve built a solid relationship with people that will stick around because they know you provide the best value and they know you are incredible at what you do!

2. You never have to worry about algorithms

Come on, those pesky algorithms…who isn’t frustrated with those!

Email providers do not have algorithms that affect who sees and who doesn’t see your emails.

While yes, they do have a spam filter, this can be overridden and as long as you avoid “click bait” type titles, your emails will be seen.

You will always have a way to get ahold of your list, which is a huge relief for online business owners!

3. Your voice is heard

Do you ever feel like you are screaming at the top of your lungs just be heard by less than half of your followers on social media?

It’s heartbreaking and not to mention extremely frustrating.

You have value and you have a lot to say.

Your email list is ready to listen! Because you choose who sees your emails, you know exactly how many people have seen and read your words.

This alone is extremely powerful and this is how you build the relationship with your email list.

Email marketing is here to stay!

At the end of the day, no, email marketing is not dead and it’s here to stay!

You are able to build a bigger relationship with your audience using tailored emails, provide your list with extraordinary value that actually reaches them and you know they are serious about you and your business.

Not only that, 91% of use check out emails daily and there are over 4.3 billion email address.

Yeah, get on that email marketing!

If you found this post helpful or learned something new let me know! I love to hear from you and don’t be shy! Make sure to spread the love and share with all of your friends!

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