Blogging for Beginners

How to Write a Blog for Beginners

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How to write a blog for beginners.

So, you want to start writing a blog for your business because well one, you enjoy writing and two, you know how much amazing traffic can come to your business from your blog.

Not to mention the whole building an incredible community thing.

Now, just to be clear, if you are looking for a post on how to set up your blog on a platform check out this post and this post.

If you want to know what in the heck to write about no matter your niche and you happen to be a beginner, I got you covered!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show…or blog…but don’t worry I’ll do my best to paint you a word picture.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission if you choose to use my link to purchase a product or service from that particular link.

Okay, so you’ve established you’re in the right place, good, let’s get started!

Now imagine for a second, you’ve picked your blogging platform, you have your domain set up and you’ve picked out your super sassy and catchy blog name.

Again, if not, go here.

You’re ready to start busting out content like a pro but you sit down and you can’t for the life of you think of how to actually start a blog! What do you write about?

How do you write it?

How long should it be?

Tigers and lions and bears oh, my!

Maybe those exact questions didn’t run through your mind but if you’re a chronic overthinker like me, then similar questions may have passed through your mind.

You want to write something people will enjoy but it’s your first blog and looking at that empty page with that mocking blinking cursor is intimidating.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there so I’m going to give you a few easy tips you can implement right away and start creating a blog that not only boosts traffic, brings in extra cash but also builds a community of people that love your blog!

No matter your niche, your blog is not all about you, it’s for your audience.


It’s not about you?

Technically yes and no.

Of course, if you are writing a lifestyle blog then some of it will be about yourself but always, always, always, keep your target audience in mind.

Your target audience is who you are writing the blog for and unless you have a private blog, I’m assuming you are writing this blog for a particular group.

Before you even begin putting words to paper, you need to establish who it is exactly that you will be talking to.

Catering your blog directly to your target audience is what is going to bring traffic.

Your audience will take one look at it and know it was made for them and this is how you begin to build a community.

This usually means writing about what your audience wants, not always just what you want.

What are their pain points?

What are they struggling with?

What do they need help with?

What can you teach them within your blog?

This is going to take a bit of research but don’t worry, we have the internet at our fingertips and it’s sometimes as simple as asking your audience on social media what they want from you.

Okay, we’ve got what to write about covered, let’s move onto how to actually write it.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when writing my very first blog was trying to sound like someone else.

I read a lot of the “bigger” or more established blogs and thought to be as successful as them I had to sound exactly like them. Big mistake.

It wasn’t enjoyable to me, I wasn’t attracting the right people and it was just a mess.

Needless to say, that blog didn’t last long but it did teach me a valuable lesson.

Always be authentically yourself and as cheesy as that sounds it’s true.

If you want to attract the right crowd, which you do if you want to build a business then you have to write authentically.

The easiest way to think about this is to write the way you speak without the filler words.

If someone was having a conversation with you what would you sound like?

Put that on paper!

It’s going to be the most authentic and it’s going to be the easiest way for you to continue to bust out blog content.

Don’t be afraid to keep your personality in your writing because that’s how you’re going to attract your tribe!

Does length really matter?

I had always heard to write blog posts that were at least 500 words and that would be enough but now I write posts that are upwards of 1200-1500 words.

It’s okay, don’t freak out!

It’s actually not as hard as you may think it is and there is a reason to this madness.

The longer your blog posts are, the more valuable search engines believe your content is, pushing it higher in the search engine and boosting the number of people your blog is being shown to, which is a really good thing when you’re just starting out!

I know it can sound quite intimidating at first to even think about writing 1500 words but trust me, it’s much easier than you think.

Try to think about giving as much value in your blog posts as possible, think about all the reverent points you can make and be as detailed as you can be.

And as you begin to blog more you will get more and more comfortable writing longer and longer blog posts.

My last and final tip for writing blogs as a beginner is to be consistent.

Be consistent in the number of posts you write a month, the content of your blog and even the pictures you use within your blog.

Your audience wants to come to your for a specific topic so you are all over the place, people will be confused about what it is you’re writing about and may stop following your blog.

Make sure you are the “go to” for a specific topic, whether that’s traveling in your twenties, new mommy blogging, business beginners, whatever, just be consistent on your topics and you will notice a consistent flow of people coming to you for answers on that topic!

Like I said above, you want to create highly valuable, in-depth blog posts that are 1200-1500 words and if you’re just starting out this can be intimidating and it could take some time to write in the beginning.

If you can only write one blog post a month with that many words, do that.

If you can write two blog posts a week that is super valuable, do that.

But be consistent with the number of blog posts you post a week.

Again, this will help your audience know when you’re going to come out with a new post and will come to you and your blog for those answers.

When I first started, I wrote one blog post a week and got a consistent flow of traffic, so you don’t need to write five blog posts a week to see a flow of traffic.


Because you are super a super awesome human and I want you to succeed at blogging, I’ve got a bonus for ya.

I’ve got a few tips to get your blog out there and seen by your audience, which can be a bit difficult when you first start out.

And I’ve got an app that acts just like a personal proofreader to make your blog look even more professional.

Market, Market, Market

Don’t be shy, you’ve got to start sharing your blog posts and marketing like crazy when you first start blogging.

Social media a great place to start promoting your new blog.

Share it on Instagram and Twitter with a solid call to action and you will defiantly get some traffic.

Did you know there are also groups on Facebook that you can share your blog too on certain days and get massive amounts of traffic to your new blog?

Of course, make sure to follow the rules of these Facebook groups and don’t be spammy, no one likes that!

Here are a few Facebook groups you could check out for bloggers:

Bloggers supporting Bloggers

Creative Ninja Nation

Growing Social Media for Bloggers

Drive Traffic with Pinterest

Keeping with the social media theme, Pinterest is another incredible platform to use for promoting your new blog! What Pinterest?


Pinterest drives more traffic to my blog than any other platform and it’s super easy to begin implementing, you just need the right strategy in place.

My biggest tip for Pinterest if you want to get serious is to start using it for business and stop using it as a hobby! And make sure you have a solid strategy in place!

If you want to automate this process and get traffic to your website while you sleep you can check out Tailwind.

Tailwind actually pins on autopilot and pins at the most optimal times so your audience sees your pins and shares them around so you get even more traffic to your blog!

If you want to can use this link to get your first 100 pins free and see if Tailwind is actually for you, but trust me, it works and it helped Pinterest become my number source of traffic with me having to spend one hour each week scheduling my pins and Tailwind does the rest!

Pinterest marketing has been key for my blog. If you want to learn more about Pinterest marketing read this post.

Educate Yourself or Get Help

Blogging is scary.

It’s big, it’s hairy and it’s hard.

I’m just going to say it right now, do you need courses or ebooks or anything else to be a successful blogger that brings in six-figure months?


Absolutely not.

We have the internet at our fingertips.

But that being said, sometimes we just want to learn from the experts.

Ana of The She Approach created one of the best books on growing your blog traffic and I highly recommend checking it out.

She writes in a way that actually makes sense and she gets results not only for herself but for her clients. (heck yeah)

You can take a deep dive into growing your blog traffic and check out Ana’s book, The She Approach to Boosting Blog Traffic. (Biggest Sale EVER use code BLACK40 at checkout)

You can also check out her other Pinterest marketing eBook, The She Approach to Making Pinterest Possible(Biggest Sale EVER use code BLACK40 at checkout)

Look Professional with Grammarly

My last and final bonus tip is to help you make your blog look as professional as possible and there’s nothing worse than a whole bunch of spelling grammatical errors.

Can I tell you a secret?

I’m not the best speller..and sometimes when I write, I write quickly creating even more spelling errors.

But it’s okay because I’ve got Grammarly.

What the heck is Grammarly?

It’s a website that actually checks your blog for spelling and grammatical errors for you so you don’t have to go back through and do it yourself!

This saves a massive amount of time and it’s free!

Yup, you could have this app check your entire blog post for your for free or you could spend valuable time doing it yourself.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

If you would like to sign up for Grammarly for free click here and check it out for yourself!

That’s all the time I have for today!

Because now it’s time for you to start implementing what you’ve learned!

Get out there and start blogging and don’t be shy about sharing your new blog!

You created it to be seen so, show it off and be proud of it!!

What is your new blog about?

I’d love to check it out so it below!!


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