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How to really Grow your Social Media Engagement and Following with Actionable Steps

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Raise your hand if you want to grow your social media following and engagement.

I can only imagine that I have a lot of hands raised to this one.

It’s true, we all want to build a more engaged and larger social media following but with all the algorithms changing it can be a difficult task.

While my social media platforms aren’t extremely large, I do get consistent growth and a good amount of engagement and I want to share with you a few actionable steps on exactly how to get the engaged audience you desire!

Keep in mind that right now, social media platforms are pushing your content higher in their feeds based on the amount of engagement you are receiving.

This means, likes, comments, certain keywords, and shares.

This shows that your content is valuable and these platforms will “reward” you by showing your content to more people, thus helping you to grow your social media platforms!

Let’s dive into some things you can do today to boost your engagement!

Provide value and solve a problem for your audience.

Bare with me here because this is probably the step you’ve heard the most but seriously, there’s a reason you hear this piece of advice often because it works!

Provide value to your audience.

Simple right?

Maybe not.

If you don’t know who your audience is then it’s extremely difficult for you to know what it is they want from you!

The easiest way to decipher your audience is to think about who you created your business, blog, social media for.

Was it for new, busy moms looking to get healthier?

Is it writers looking for freelancing jobs?

Or maybe it’s a new fashion designer trying to break out.

Whoever this person is, you need to keep them in mind when creating content across all of your social media platforms.

Before each and every post be sure to ask yourself, does this piece of content inspire, motivate, educate or entertain my intended audience?

If your audience isn’t getting anything out of your content, they’re not going to engage with you let alone follow you.

Create a solid call to action.

A call to action is usually at the end of your written content and is usually asking your audience to do something.

This can range anywhere from asking them to download your free ebook, sign up for your email list, comment on the post, to sharing with their friends or like the picture.

Each platform is going to be different in what calls to action work but for the most part, asking your audience to “do something” is one of the best ways to get engagement.

Make sure to have one solid call to action at the end or at least towards the end of each and every post.

Also, remember to keep your action simple for your audience.

We value our time and don’t want to spend twenty minutes answering an extremely in-depth question.

Make your call to action short, sweet and to the point!

Engage with others in your niche.

If you are looking for engagement, you also have to give it back.

When building a business or trying to build a tribe, you have to remember to give more than you are asking for.

This means liking posts that you genuinely like, commenting on blog posts, following youtube channels and so forth.

You know how difficult it can be to grow especially when you’re just starting out, so spread the love!

People really really appreciate it when you take the time to comment or like a piece of content and they’ll remember the people that are always supporting them.

Most of the time, people will actually go and search you out on social media to engage and support you as well.

Which of course helps with your engagement and growing your social media platforms.

It’s all about supporting other content creators and showing your appreciation for the content they take the time to create!

Comment back to every appropriate comment!

This is a big one!

If someone takes the time to comment on your content they are going to be more likely to come back and comment again if they know you’ve read it and actually comment back!

I’ve gotta say, nothing peeves me more than someone who doesn’t respond back to comments and I am a whole heck of a lot less likely to comment on their posts or even engage with them.

Social media is about building a community and supporting one another, so engage back with those that have engaged with you!

I promise you will notice more people will start commenting when they see that you comment back!

Be active in Facebook groups.

I personally love Facebook groups!

I find it so much fun to surround myself with other like-minded individuals that understand me as well as supporting one another!

You can literally find a Facebook group for anything and most of them have particular promo days so you can promote your social media accounts and get real engagement!

But, there’s a trick with Facebook groups, you can’t just promote yourself all day every day, you have to reciprocate and like I said above, comment, like, share with other content creators.

The more active and helpful you are in the group, the more people are going to look to you to solve a problem or answer a question, so give more than you are asking for!

Be Consistent.

The last and final actionable step I have for you to grow your social media following and boost your engagement is to be consistent.

Be consistent with the content you post, the times you post, the colors and look you use and how often you post.

Being consistent will help your audience know what they can expect from you.

If you always post a motivational speech on a Friday at noon, your audience will know to go to your pages for that motivation and they will begin looking to your for certain content.

If you are inconsistent or change up the type of content you are posting, people may unfollow, become confused on what it is they can get out of your pages and ultimately, you won’t get the engagement you are looking for.

Also, having or using a similar color scheme helps your posts stand out and makes it clear that it’s you when your audience is quickly scrolling through social media!

There you have it!

My best practices and actionable steps to help you boost engagement and build a bigger and stronger social media following!

I wanted to give you these tips because these are things you can do right now and you will begin to notice more engagement very quickly after implementing these steps!

If you enjoyed this post or learned a new strategy let me know below! And let me know how these steps and tips worked for you!

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