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How to find a Successful Business Idea

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You want to start an online business which is great but you quickly realize, so does half of your generation.

You start racking your brain trying to think of the next biggest thing.

Of course, you want your business to be successful.

But uh…where are you supposed to find these big great ideas?

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Four Ways to Find a Successful Business Idea


1. Start with Something you Know How to Do

Because you don’t have to be an expert or have a specific degree for most business, thinking about things you already know how to do and do well is the easiest place to start.

Start with hobbies you enjoy like knitting, fixing up old cars or building tree houses.

Now begin thinking of a business you could create with these hobbies and think outside of the box here.

You could sell your knitted items at craft shows or even online in stores like Shopify or Etsy.

If that’s not your cup of tea you could also create and sell knitting patterns with directions which is an easily scalable business.

Another idea would be to create courses around knitting, fixing old cars or whatever else your hobbies revolve around.

Start a blog about your hobbies and

Build up an audience and make money through affiliate marketing with your favorite products you use.

Seriously, the opportunities are endless.


2. Think of a Problem then Solve It

Take a look at any business that’s been around for more than a few years.

What do you see?

That every single successful business solves a problem.

That problem may not be evident at first glance, but trust me, it’s there.

Whether that’s toning your inner thighs, helping your dog walk in a straight line or make your hair grow longer. They’re solving a problem.

Again, the easiest way to do this is to think about a problem you have yourself in your own life.

Can a think of a solution for it?

This doesn’t have to be a physical product, it can be a digital one as well.

Think about the examples above.

Fixing old cars and kitting.

Those two ideas fill the problem of someone wanting to learn how to knit and not knowing how to and fixing old cars is saving someone a lot of time, money and frustration.

Remember, think outside of the box.

We have the internet at our fingertips, use it.


3. Get Online and Start Researching

I know I know, this is the most boring part but it can be incredibly helpful.

Like I said above, we have a whole world literally at our fingertips and if you want to start a business, use it.

There are literally thousands of people online telling you, no screaming at you what they want and need.

Go to any forum or Facebook group and you’ll see thousands of people writing down thousands of problems that are just begging to be solved.

And yeah, not all of those problems are going to require a full-blown business to solve but some of them will.

You can also get on Google and start getting inspiration from other business.

Just because someone else has a business that you like doesn’t mean you can create the same one.

As long as you’re not stealing or being sleazy.

Can you imagine if there was only one type of car because all the other people who wanted to make cars where like, “well dang, so and so already has a car out on the market, I guess I’ll just make something else.”

Heck no.

Make it your own.

Make it better.

Use what you already have in front of you and start turning it into something.


4. Listen to Your Intuition

No, this is not woo woo, it works.

Your body and mind are a machine and millions of times a day they’re telling you things.

Some things you listen to, some things you don’t have to listen to and other things you ignore.

Chances are, if you allow yourself some quiet time to be alone with yourself and actually think without distractions, you’ll figure out what you need to be doing.

The best way to get those creative juices flowing is to get outside in nature, go for a walk, jump on a trampoline. Just do something.

Make sure during this time you’re not letting any other influences influence your thought process.

This includes your parents, friends, your dog’s aunt and social media.

Think freely and on your own and just listen to what your mind and body are telling you to do you.

The world is Your Oyster, Eat it Up

Okay, I hate oysters but you get the gist.

You have all the ideas you could ever need at your fingertips, you just have to allow yourself to do the research, think for a minute and then you’ll come up with a brilliant idea.

And if not, that’s okay.

Not every single idea that comes into your mind is going to be a winner.

But at least try and if you really want to do this, you’ll do it.

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