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How to Create Content for Social Media

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Content, as entrepreneurs we hear this word all the time but how important is your content when building your business?

Content is, in my opinion the base of your business. Without it (or you) you wouldn’t really have a business because no one would know who you are, what you’re all about and what you do.

Content is how you establish your expertise with your audience, it’s how you build your tribe, it’s how you show your audience you! It’s how you market your products, how you make money, so basically, it’s your business!

Now let’s talk about content creation because frankly, you can’t just take a picture of your dog (well you can if that’s relevant to your business and in that case count me in!) and post it on social media and expect that people are going to want to work with you.

Creating content for a business takes much more effort than just your everyday social media account that you use to check up on your friends and family which is why it is so incredibly important to schedule your content for the week or even month!

We all know the feeling, getting extremely stressed out about what to post on twitter, but oh wait, I have nothing to post on Facebook and I need a blog post. And just running around in circles and making ourselves miserable! This is where a little strategic planning comes in handy.

Content can be inspiring, entertaining or informative. This tends to make creating it just a little bit easier but it also means you have to put some time and effort into it! Once you have WHAT to create down all you have to do is schedule times to create and post it. Pretty simple! Or maybe not. I fell down the rabbit hole of trying to think of posts on the fly and it didn’t work out in my favor…at all.

There are a few different ways you can get a giant brainstormed list of content so you’ll never have to stare blanking at an empty computer screen just hoping for content to fall into your lap. You can ASK your audience? Say what?? Yup, ask and you shall receive! This method works really well if you have a larger engaged audience that’s more than wiling to tell you want they want from you next.

If you don’t have a large following just yet, you can take a few different routes that will take a bit more work but if you want to build a large fan base, you have to put in some work! Okay, you can actually go onto youtube or Pinterest, type in search terms that your audience would be looking for and look for the most viewed videos or the most popular pins! Simple right? You can easily create blog posts, videos, tweets, Instagram captions from this and you already know your audience will love it because these are the terms they’ve been searching for!

You can even get out forums and Facebook groups that your target audience is on. Look for questions they are asking, words they are using and create content based on the most asked questions! This will help you create a library of content so you NEVER run out and your audience will love it too because they’re questions will be answered!

The point is this, when trying to build a business and a tribe of loyal fans, you can’t just think of something in five minutes, post it and be done. Take some time to look at what you audience wants, needs from you and begin to schedule out your content!

My all time favorite way to create content is to batch my work. Meaning on Monday’s I write blog posts for the month, Tuesdays I film for youtube and so on. This helps me stay on task and when I need a post for social media or a video for youtube, I’m ready! And consistency is KEY when building a business. If people don’t hear or see something from you, they move on!

Content is your business and it’s important to schedule it in just like you do with everything else. And creating content is the fun part! Get creative, use PicMonkey or Canva to create graphics, slideshows or blog posts!

The more you serve others with your content, the more and more they will want from you. So enjoy it, put your personality into it and just have fun with content creation! Remember, it’s all about serving your audience!

What’s your favorite way to schedule your content? Leave me a comment down below!

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