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Four Tips and Tools for Automating your Online Business

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From the outside, owning your own online business seems like a breeze.

You get to wake up when you want, set your own schedule, work in your PJs and drink coffee all day, right?

So you take the plunge and realize just how much work running your own business really is.

I am by no means trying to deter you from owning your business but it’s just not as simple as sipping tea and eating Oreos on the couch all day while opening your laptop once to check your email.

If we want to create a business that lasts, whether this is a side hustle that you would like to turn into a business or an online business you are currently running, there are a few things we NEED to do.

In order to look like we’re everywhere and actually get the important things done, we’re going to need a little help.

So, I’ve laid out four tips and tools that are incredibly helpful for automating your business and making it run just a little bit smoother.

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Email Marketing Provider

The absolute NUMBER ONE tool you need to automate your business is an EMAIL MARKETING PROVIDER.

An email marketing provider isn’t as scary as it seems.

It’s simply a company like Mail Chimp, Mailerlite, Constant Contact..etc. that keeps your customer’s emails and allows you to set up email campaigns that send out automatically.

So instead of you having to go in manually and email all of your clients or email a brand new client, the email provider does this for you!

This is absolutely crucial because those emails are your customer service.

They are sent to new customers when they purchase something or sign up for your email list.

They are sent weekly, bi-weekly to continually engage and build a relationship with your email list.

They are also to let your clients know, you received their email and will be getting back to them.

Setting up your emails to automatically go out whenever you tell them to is extremely helpful!

Instead of being chained to your laptop waiting for someone to purchase and then jumping into your email inbox to send them a thank you email is just frankly, not sustainable and you will burn out quickly.

Having this set up allows you to tuck your kids in at night, go on vacation and actually step away from the computer for more than just a few hours!


Your time is extremely valuable and you have to use every single second of your day wisely and efficiently.

That’s where batching your work comes in.

Batching basically just means taking a task like writing blog posts, creating youtube videos or writing social media content and doing a large batch at one time.

For some, this means making a whole year of videos or blogs in one week.

For others, this means writing blog posts for the month and so on.

Either way, you want to get large tasks done in batches. This allows you to spend the time where it really counts, taking care of your clients.

Batching can also be extremely helpful to prevent falling off track or missing a few weeks or even months of content.

And as you know, the internet moves quickly, so if you’re not being seen by your audience, it can really affect your online business.

My personal favorite way of batching is to write an entire month-two months of blog posts, create all the graphics and schedule them to be distributed throughout social media and Pinterest.

This allows me to continue to put out content without having to spend hours writing posts or posting to social media.


So you spent a good hour writing that blog post and you made some really incredible points and you hit publish and continue on your day.

Then you jump into Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and rack your brain on what to write…uh you just wrote an ENTIRE blog post with awesome points, so why not cut it up and reuse it!

That’s right, your entire blog post, youtube video or even your live Facebook or Instagram videos can be cut up into bite-sized digestible bits and reused across your social media platforms!

Because each platform is used in different ways, it’s actually super simple to just take small parts and use them on certain platforms.

This frees up a massive amount of time spent posting on social media and reduces your chances of getting distracted.

You can also schedule out each of your daily posts in google calendar or any other scheduling app that you prefer!

Fun fact, one blog post, youtube video or Facebook video can provide you with TEN other pieces of content!

I even wrote a blog post sharing the exact steps you can take to repurpose one piece of content across all your social media platforms here.


Tailwind is an app that not only schedules but also posts your blog posts in pin form to Pinterest automatically.

Yes, yes, Tailwind is talked about a TON in blogging but just hear me out!

For me personally, Tailwind is an incredible tool because well one, I can go onto Pinterest to simply post my latest blog post, look up from my phone and realize I’ve been scrolling for the last hour looking for the latest chocolate chip cookie recipe…not the best use of my or your time.

The whole point of using Tailwind or an app like Tailwind is to help you automate the process so you can spend your time more wisely.

I do use both a bit of manual pinning in combination with Tailwind to keep Pinterest happy and honestly, anything that allows me to be off my phone or away from my computer without worry is a winner in my books!

If you want to try out Tailwind for yourself for free get the first 100 pins for free on me.

If you’re ready to get serious about Pinterest marketing and would like to learn more solid strategies, I highly recommend checking out this free course.

Take action and implement!

Now that I’ve given you what you can do to automate your online business, it’s up to you to start implementing!

If you enjoyed this post and it helped you in any way, please remember to share with your friends or anyone that you think could really use this blog post!

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  1. says:

    I really want to start batching. That’s something I haven’t done but think could be so helpful, especially for some of the tasks that I just don’t enjoy doing each week! Great post!

    1. Emily says:

      Yes, batching is so helpful and saves so much time in the long run! I run two blogs and will batch my blog posts, graphics, and Pinterest marketing for three months in advance and it saves so much time each week! Thank you, Dana!

  2. says:

    Thanks so much for producing great content. These are all really great tips to help bloggers and businesses to get their work flow more streamlined. I pinned your post to my Blogging + Bloggers Board.

    1. Emily says:

      Thank you so much, Abby! I’m so glad this is helpful to other bloggers and business owners because I know how tough the online business world can be to navigate at times! Thank you so much!

  3. says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m new to blogging, so I’ll have to remember these strategies.

    1. Emily says:

      Your welcome, Margaret! Welcome to blogging!! It’s a blast once you get the hang of everything!

  4. Never overlook the power of repurposing!

    1. Emily says:

      Yes, exactly!! Repurposing makes everything so much easier!

  5. Batching has been such a game changer for me and my blog. It really does make the tasks easier!

    1. Emily says:

      Batching is awesome!!

  6. I love Tailwind! I don’t think i’d have as many Pinterest followers as I I without it. It’s a real lifesaver!

    1. Emily says:

      I completely agree, Marc! Tailwind is such a lifesaver and is seriously an amazing tool in combination with Pinterest!

  7. says:

    Thanks for these tips! -especially the repurposing, coming up with words after a blog post can be exhausting! I just started trying Tailwind and am still stumbling around with it a bit so I look forward to reading your post about it!

    1. Emily says:

      So glad these tips for helpful, Ashley! With all of the different social media platforms out there sometimes it’s tough to keep up and think of a new thing to say for each! There is a lot to learn on Tailwind but once you get the hang of it and really set up a solid strategy, it’s so nice to have! Such a huge timer saver!

  8. These are such good ideas! It is so hard to not do things automated. I have been wanting to try Tailwind. It is on my list. It sounds like a must.

    1. Emily says:

      Thank you so much, Courtney! Tailwind is an incredible tool! Of course, you can get things done without it, but it’s a huge time saver and has greatly increased my traffic on both of my blogs!

  9. Rachel says:

    There’s a really good tips. It could seem so overwhelming when I think about all the different parts of my job that I have to do.

    1. Emily says:

      Thank you, Rachel! Yeah, as business owners we wear many hats and have so many responsibilities. It’s nice to automate a few of those tasks so we can get back to spending more time with our clients!

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