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Honest Dare to Conquer Review

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*The $100,000 Climb Roadmap on Dare to Conquer is now available for $1! Seriously, that’s not a typo! Try it for $1 before it increases in price*

Dare to Conquer formally Billionaire Blog Club is hands down one of the best investments I have ever made.

Whoa, bold statement right off the bat huh.

Let’s just be real here.

There are a million and one ways to start a blog.

Start a profitable blog is what I really meant to say.

Do you need an online course to do it?


Can you do it on your own? 1,000% yes.

Look, I’m not here to sell you on anything, or tell you there’s only one way to start a blog or make money online or any of that, which is quite odd because you’re here because of a review on a blogging/business course.

But hear me out.

If you want to start a blog by yourself, go do it. If you find yourself running around looking for the latest and greatest tactic, newest course, or feel like Chicken Little every time Pinterest updates something, stick around.

Because you don’t need more knowledge and strategies.

You need a solid blueprint that fits with your blog and business and works for you, not someone else’s cookie-cutter tactics.

That’s what Dare to Conquer is.


Dare to Conquer Review, Formally Billionaire Blog Club 


About a year ago (literally almost a year ago to this day) I wrote a review about the Billionaire Blog Club created by a man named Paul Scrivens or Scrivs for short.

At that time the Billionaire Blog Club was solely about blogging and making money with your blog online.

(thank you captain obvious)

It was a really incredible bundle of courses but there were some major drawbacks such as information overload, as I laid out in my review of it, which you can read here, but I’d recommend just sticking around here as this one is updated.

Over the past year, the Billionaire Blog Club has been turned into Dare to Conquer which is no longer just about blogging but instead about running an online business.

But not just any old online business, a thriving, $100,000, six-figure online business. 

Now that I’ve gotten your attention I want to give you all the details about Dare to Conquer from an insiders perspective.

And no this won’t be a rambling, gushing, cookie-cutter review.

I’m going deep and honest and allow you to make the decision for yourself if DTC is for you or not.


Where I was Before Dare to Conquer

Before we even dive into what DTC is, I want to paint you a word picture of where I was before DTC. I’m the type of person who likes to do everything herself.

I really don’t’ like asking for help and don’t mind spending six hours searching Google for one sentence that contains the answer I thought I was looking for.

I was also someone who thought I need to find the ONE, the ONLY formula for success that fit every single person like a glove.

Turns out, that doesn’t exist.

Which meant, my business had no direction, my blog was flopping and my traffic was nothing to write home about.


After DTC

I learned how to problem-solve and create my own blueprint for what worked and what didn’t according to my own business and rules.

My traffic started increasing and I actually started building a business instead of just a hobby blog.

I’ve also stopped searching for course after course because I learned how to utilize the information I have instead of wasting time searching for answers I don’t really need.

What is Dare to Conquer?

Dare to Conquer is an all-encompassing membership/course/portal that has a few different moving parts to it, okay a lot of moving parts, 9 to be exact.

The courses available on Dare to Conquer are the:

Click on the course name to get an in-depth look at what each course entails.

There are two different ways to enroll in Dare to Conquer which means there is a price difference for each option.

Option One: DTC Membership

The DTC membership gives you access to ALL of the courses listed above which includes the $100,000 Climb that lays out every single detail of how to start a thriving business from start to finish. This is packaged conveniently for you and solves the previous problem of information overload.


Option Two: Purchase Individual DTC Courses

If you know exactly what you need to focus on and what needs to be worked on in your business you can purchase the courses outright individually. This is going to cost a bit more but there is no monthly fee or membership involved.

I’m going, to be honest though and say this is not the best option and would highly recommend the membership instead.

If you’ve wanted to learn anything about starting a business online or turning your hobby blog into a thriving business, Dare to Conquer has the information you need in one place.


The Dollar Sign Elephant in the Room: The $100,000 Climb

I’m going to dive into the $100,000 climb a bit more, simply because it’s probably the one course that got you attention the most.

The $100,000 climb is a monthly membership that is comprised of everything single detail and step of what needs to be done for an online business. Including, mindset (incredibly important), how to find your six-figure idea, building a real brand, attracting raving fans and so on.

What the $100,000 Climb does is takes all the courses and puts them in order for you so that you know exactly what to do from start to finish with your business.

This also means you don’t have to run around skipping courses, feeling overwhelmed by all the information and then not take action.

Which was my biggest problem with Dare to Conquer previously.

The goal of this membership is to make $100,000 from your business in 18 months. Which is 100,000% possible with the right tools. And yes, Dare to Conquer has those tools.  


Cons of Dare to Conquer:

Zero Handholding/Sugar Coating

If you’re looking for a course or membership with a complete template of this is what to do and this is what works for everyone, DTC is not for you.

DTC is a blueprint that can be customized to you and only you.

What works for you may not work for others and Scrivs is a huge advocate for testing things out, seeing if they work.

This is an extremely important part of being a business owner and it is the key to being successful.

But this can be a turn off so just be aware.

Scrivs is constantly inside of the courses, is always on email and is inside the community and is always super helpful. He just doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach.


It’s a Membership

Some people hate memberships and would prefer to have the course(s) all to themselves forever and ever.

Maybe that’s you.

If it is, then DTC may not be for you.

And yes, you can purchase the $100,000 Climb outright but the price tag is a hefty one.


Dare to Conquer Pros

It is Constantly being Updated

I’ve owned DTC for over a year now and it has been updated three times. Yes 3x!

This is a really big deal because it means Scrivs actually cares about his courses and what he puts out there and wants to make sure he’s giving you the best information possible. As well as the most updated information.


DTC is All-Encompassing 

I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of buying a course just to find out I now have to buy 20 more to complete the circle and actually achieve what it is I wanted to achieve.

DTC is not like that and has 9 courses that take you from start to finish so that you never have to purchase another course again.



The community aspect is huge. There are so many places to collaborate with fellow bloggers, discuss important topics or even just bounce ideas off of each other.

Not only that, Scrivs is always in and out of Slack answering questions, being involved and engaged with you.

He really seems to understand how important it is to have other like-minded people pushing you, motivating you and doing exactly what you’re doing to keep you motivated.


Try it for 1 month.

If it’s not for you, cancel the membership, if it is for you, stick around.

And remember, you get access to all 9 courses, the $100,000 climb6-figure product creationAffiliate marketing magicContent Creation CocktailDating PinterestSEO My GoodnessTribe LoveHero Branding and Feel Good Funnels.

The fact of the matter is, nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you want a thriving six-figure business that makes you $100,000, stop looking for answers and start taking action.

That is what Dare to Conquer is all about. 

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