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Let me guess, you landed here because well one, you wanted to get to know more about me, the girl behind the computer right?


Or maybe you landed here because you are a passionate, driven, creative woman who is living a life that just doesn’t suit you.


Whatever the case may be, here you are ready to make some changes, build a life you want and can be proud of and learn a little something about yourself along the way.


So..who am I?

Hey! I’m Emily! *see pic below…* Whenever I meet new people I always feel like I should say, “sup bro” from “How I met your Mother”…anyone…okay…


I am not only the owner and writer behind The Creative Girl Boss Tribe Blog but, I am the owner of Emily Anne LLC and I teach beginner entrepreneurs and bloggers how to make a bigger splash in the online community.

I share practical and easy to understand strategies to help you build a bigger business, build your community and create the life you deserve!

I’ve been in business for three years and things weren’t always fantastic. Okay, they were less than fantastic but I’ve always made the best of it!

One day I decided I wanted to run a business but just any business, an ONLINE business! So I quit my job and just started.

I had to learn from scratch how to run a business and it was tough. There were a lot of long nights when I cried myself to sleep. Days that were filled with frustrations and confusion.

I learned new strategies and shortcuts to actually make my business work. I learned what a lot about what didn’t work and figured out what did!

As I evolved, so did my business and through all those mistakes, long nights and lessons learned, I decided the best possible thing I could do was to share my answers. And that’s what I do. I share my answers with you because it’s my passion! I want you to be as successful as possible in your business and that’s what I teach!


Sharing is caring!