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7 Reasons Building your Email List should be your first Priority

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You may have heard it all before, “all those followers on social media mean nothing if you don’t have an email list”, “you should really be building your email list.” Well, I’m going to say to you again and I really hope you listen this time, BUILDING YOUR EMAIL LIST SHOULD BE YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

I hope you heard me loud and clear because, seriously, you are missing out on a gold mine if you are not prioritizing your list and I’m going to show you why it should be your number one priority. Stick around, sit back, grab some popcorn and let’s dive in!

Alright, now that we got all the yelling out of the way…sorry about that…we can begin with some statistics about emails and email marketing because for those of you who may think email is dead, guess again! If you want to check out my blog post on creating an email marketing strategy that works, check it out here: 3 Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid.

In 2015, for every $1 spent on email marketing, there was a return of $44.25. What what?? Yeah. 91% of us check our emails every single day! Customers who buy from us via email are likely to spend more than 138% than those who find us on social media. That’s CRAZY!!!

74% of us prefer email marketing over any other kind of direct marketing. Which means, we are greatly missing out on an opportunity to offer our products to our email lists if we are not building them!! And lastly, hold on to your super sassy cat socks because this is going to blow you out of the water, there are approximately 4.3 BILLION email address and rising.

If that’s not enough to convince you, because okay, okay, I get it. But I’ve got even more to share with you on exactly why your email list should be your top priority this year and we’ve only got three months left so you better get a move on! If you want some help on how to grow your email list with freemiums and lead magnets, I’ve got you covered there too! Download my free lead magnet checklist and start building a bigger and better email list: Lead Magnet Check List

Raise your hand if you ever feel frustrated by the algorithms on social media. (raising my hand quite enthusiastically over here) You work really really hard on your posts, you take amazing pictures and write outstanding captions and you get a measly amount of likes and engagement. whomp. whomp. That pesky algorithm didn’t allow your post to be shown to everyone that’s following you even if it was your best work yet!

So, what if you could show your best work, your premium posts, premium copy to everyone and know that they would actually see it? You can! It’s called an email list! You see, email lists don’t have algorithms so when you send an email, it gets to absolutely everyone you sent it to! BONUS, if you’ve built a strong, engaged and targeted email list, your open rate will be really high and everyone will actually read your super awesome content!

I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty awesome to me! You might want to start thinking about prioritizing your email marketing strategy now. Back to the whole social media, people not seeing your posts thing. You are also competing with everyone else on the internet. Okay, let’s face it, you’re competing with the internet period. There are a million and one distraction online and unfortunately, regardless of how compelling, fantastic and in-depth, your posts are on social media, people get distracted and move away from your content.

Again, this stinks and can be really heart wrenching at times when you’ve worked really hard on your content. But have no fear because email marketing is here! (…does anyone else hear crickets…) Once again, there are no other distractions once someone opens an email from you. They only see your email and the content you’ve created especially for them. This also makes building a relationship with your audience much easier and they will spend a whole heck of a lot more time reading your content in their email than on social media.

I know you’re probably getting down to that last bit of popcorn I told you to eat earlier so I will wrap it up with just one more reason to prioritize building your email list and it is this, your email list is considered warm, or even hot traffic depending upon how long you’ve been building a relationship with each individual on your list, meaning, they are more likely to convert to paying customers!!

This is a BIG ONE! I’m sure you’ve heard how difficult it can be to sell to cold traffic but if you have a built a list of raving fans, you won’t need to. The people on your list already know, like and trust you. They know your free content is amazing and they want more from you and are much more willing to buy from you! Your paid content is your best and most premium content. It’s what’s going to get the biggest transformation and your list understands that and is ready to listen to what you have to offer.

There you have it, all the reasons you should be making building your email list your number one priority and I genuinely hope you get started today!

Your email list has the power to transform your business and build an even bigger and stronger relationship with your target audience. Comment below what your favorite part of this blog post was and if you learned anything new! Please feel free to share with your creative entrepreneurial friends and pin to Pinterest!

Happy list building!

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